Thursday, April 28, 2016

Here we go again...

"Hey, didn't you have a similarly-titled blog a few months ago?"

Yep! I did! I pulled it down for...well, 'reasons' is the easiest explanation. I started that thing for one reason, and because of stuff that happened in my life it started getting pulled in quite another direction. Not a bad direction per se...but it started to conflict with some parts of the blog that I didn't necessarily want dragged into the black hole that certain other parts of that blog were turning into. So - I decided to split the blog, this one, focused more on what goes on in my head: gaming, chaos magick, depression, wiener joke, etc. You know...the usual. The other will be a bit more professional in tone - a portfolio and business-related site to support my freelance career. Over the past year I've found it beneficial to have a place to empty the contents of my head periodically - so it was only a matter of time before I brought this muhfuggah back.

There will probably occasionally be some overlap - obviously since I freelance in the game design business, I will probably have some of my work pop up here now and then. but I intend to firewall my profession-oriented site away from the stuff I don't feel like explaining to prospective clients who don't know me that well.

 Anyway, if you were paying attention to the previous blog you'll find that this one will be very similar minus the bits where I can point people to my work and say 'Please hire me, just don't mind all the stuff about the mental hospital and Kali Perry...!' I will probably in all likelihood bring some of that content back here, particularly some of the interviews (especially the Dungeons and Depression series...which I most certainly intend to continue as I felt it helped quite a few people to have that stuff out there.) The site is a bit rudimentary right now - I decided to give Blogger a try for the hell of it and I'm still getting used to how stuff works around here. Expect the look to be tweaked on a regular basis until I get it were I like it...among other things.

But for now...onward and upward!